Common Sense Approach
Eldis will tailor practical solutions specific to the problem at hand. By maintaining a good relationship with our clients, and keeping in contact throughout the project lifecycle, you can be assured that the resulting solution will suit your specific needs. more...

Eldis employs highly-skilled IT staff to develop all software in-house and to service the client's needs better. This allows us the luxury of avoiding many limitations imposed by 3rd party development and eDiscovery tools in use by our competitors. more...

Rapid Results
Through the use of distributed processing systems and adoption of the latest 'Agile Development' progamming patterns, Eldis can provide you with quality solutions in a timely fashion every time. more...

Eldis Provides eDiscovery Services to the I-MED Network

I-MED Network, Australia’s largest private diagnostic imaging network called upon Eldis to electronically discover approx 3.4 million medical records for relevant information.

Custom processing software tuned to I-MED's requirements; combined with Eldis' distributed core systems completed the processing within a four day turnaround period.
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