Electronic Discovery

What is Electronic Discovery?

Electronic Discovery otherwise referred to as eDiscovery is a term originally coined by the legal profession which refers to the discovery of electronic documents that may be relevant to a court matter. Often large repositories of electronic files such as emails, office documents and images are investigated for relevance by powerful indexed searching algorithms, de-duplication techniques and other advanced pattern analysis tools with the ultimate aim to reduce millions of files down to a few hundred relevant articles of evidence.

Once the relevant documents have been identified, often they must be converted into standard court book formats by means of conversion to .tiff or .pdf and numbered in accordance with the terms of exchange agreed upon by the opposing sides at the beginning of a matter.

How can Eldis Help with eDiscovery?

Most eDiscovery service providers use third party products to service their client’s needs. These products are often inflexible and incur expensive licensing agreements where in certain cases, a ‘per-page’ fee is charged by the vendor. These costs are then included in the quotations provided by our competitors and are the direct cause of inflated eDiscovery prices in the current market. Eldis avoids these costs by employing IT professionals to develop all products in-house and pass these savings onto our clients.

By employing the actual software and database engineers who designed the product, Eldis can adapt to the ever changing needs of the eDiscovery process and tailor solutions for whatever specific requirements you might have. Make no mistake, electronic discovery can be an extraordinarily complex procedure, so why risk dealing with legal salespeople and unskilled IT departments who are simply running the software without any real understanding of what is taking place.

How can eDiscovery be applied to non-legal industry sectors?

Investigation and reduction of large amounts of data based on relevance parameters can be applied to almost any industry and is not limited to use within the legal process. Anywhere that data is being analysed in large volumes, there is the potential for eDiscovery to save you hundreds if not thousands of man hours by automating what would normally be a laborious task.

Why not contact us today with your electronic data needs and see what Eldis can do to save you time and resources.
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